Neighbors dog X Dog down the road

Rosie is our much loved 'mud blood'.  Nobody has told her she isn't of royal lineage, and so she is the queen of the dogs.  She quickly fell in love with Oliver when he arrived, and they have been best buddies since.  Her purpose is to be a cow dog, and help us work and move our cattle as required.  Although she does a great job, her heart isn't ferocious, and she can be intimidated by the tough cows.  Cue Oliver.  With the heart of a lion, Oliver steps in to give her a hand.  He has no idea what he is doing, he just knows it's fun!  

CH Broshko Breeders Oliver Twist
King George x Miss Annie

Oliver is my most favourite dog.  Unfortunately, he knows it and takes every advantage of my love for him.  He is a Canadian champion and had three litters of puppies before being retired to farm life.  He spends his days hunting mice, being a dirtbag, and making me laugh.  Oliver got an extra scoop of personality!  Although his first love is Rosie, it's my daughter that has him twitterpated.  
Both Oliver and Rosie passed on to the other side this year (2021).  Both were 11 years old and didn't suffer a day in their lives.  We were heartbroken when Rosie passed, and beside ourselves when Oliver died just a few months later.  Our lives were richer because of them