Welcome Friends!!

If you are looking for a bright, keen little dog full of affection then you have come to the right place.  Australian Terriers are hardy, loyal, agile, and bold.  But don't be mistaken, they are quiet and loving as well.  Aussies make an even tempered playmate for children.   Perfect for indoors, they have a non-shedding, hypo-allergenic haircoat.  They are adaptable, and love city life as much as the farm.  

I am committed to being a responsible breeder of top quality Australian Terriers. Careful consideration goes into each pairing.  Health, temperament, and conformation are the three criteria in which parents are selected on.  My goal is to offer puppies of sound mind, body, that live a long healthy life. All of my dogs are treated as individuals, loved unconditionally, and are treated as important part of our family.  I stand behind my dogs for life.  

I strive to give my puppies the best start in life.  The puppies are raised on my farm in a loving and experience rich environment.  They are socialized with other dogs, people, household noises, and children.  They are all CKC registered, microchipped, have their first vaccinations, and have been examined by a vet.  Pups never leave our home until they are at least 9 weeks of age.  By this time they are ready to take on the world, or at least enjoy their new home.

I welcome visitors at all times!  Visiting the farm is a fun time, with dogs, ponies, goats, sheep, and even a pot bellied pig to see.  Bottle feed a lamb in the spring, learn how to groom your dog, come play with the puppies!  I live a big wonderful life on the small corner I call home, and I am always happy to share it.

Choosing an Australian Terrier

If you are thinking about getting an Australian Terrier, it's important to keep in mind the heritage and history of the breed. The Australian Terrier has a strong working background and beds a job to do. Their instinct is to chase down and kill rodents and snakes. They are brine to dog, going to ground if needed to catch their prey. If your property has landscaping or formal gardening, an Aussie on the hunt may do some gardening of its own if left unsupervised. And if a mole or chipmunk makes its presence known, look out! They take their job as pest controllers very seriously. No chipmunk, squirrel, rabbit, or snake is safe when they're on patrol! Terriers in general often have a reputation for being 'stubborn,' but this isn't entirely fair. A dog that is bred to go to ground needs a great deal of confidence and independence from its owner to to that work, which can be misconstrued as willfulness.

As well, they have historically been companion animals and do best in close proximity to their families. Their rough coat will protect them from the elements, but this is not a dog suited to live outside or spend too much time alone in a crate or kennel run. Likewise, they must never be allowed to roam unsupervised, as their prey drive is strong and they could easily be hit by a car, so a fenced yard is best. they are alert watch dogs and will let their owners know if anyone or anything is too close for their liking, although in general, they do not bark just to make noise and are much quieter than other small breeds. As with other terriers, they can be somewhat bossy and will want to rule the roost in your home, so some consideration must be given if you have other dogs in your household.

On the plus side, Aussies have a real affinity for children and the elderly, and are unswervingly devoted to their homes and families. They need regular exercise, but not a lot, and daily walks and playing with a ball or toy will suffice. Because they are not very well known, they have not been overbred and are less prone to genetic ailments than other, more popular breeds. Typically they live well into their teens with few problems. Coat care is easily achieved with regular brushing and combing to pull out the dead hair and only occasional baths, as too much bathing can dry out the coat and skin. A high-quality food is of course the best. They are adaptable and quite comfortable in country of city life and all stops in between, and are generally easy keepers who want nothing more than to be at the heart of your home.

Things to do with your Australian Terrier

Because of their lively and intelligent nature, the Australian Terrier can be found participating enthusiastically in a number of performance events. Agility, obedience, freestyle ("dancing with dogs"), earthdog, flyable, and tracking are just a few of the many canine sports in which the Aussie can and does shine. It is important to start a young one off right by going to puppy kindergarten class and then continuing on with manners and basic obedience. Aussies want to please their people and learn easily, but become bored with repetitions. Vary the skills you train and the activities you do, keep your sessions short and get them to want more, and you'll always have their attention!

Their innate understanding of people also makes Aussies a great choice as pet therapy dogs. They will happily cuddle up to someone who is ill, plus their small size makes them more approachable to people who have balance or gait problems or who are not regularly around dogs. The Aussie will happily curl up at the side of someone who is ill or bedridden, whether a stranger or you, and warm you with their loving presence.

But now let's go back for a moment to that show ring. The dogs circle the ring and finally it's the Aussie's turn to be examined. Once off the table and on the down and back, this lively little fellow stops walking and starts strutting! Back in the lineup, he happily 'boings' straight up, as high as his handler's waist, while waiting to go around the ring again. Whether or not he wins, he's happy and she shows it in every endeavour he participates in.

But why do they jump vertically like that? Some breeders think it's part of their working heritage. According to one breeder from Australia, the dogs have just one chance to kill a snail and to do that, they need to be as far off the ground as possible to land on top of it and avoid the snake striking back. They have carried that trait through the generations. Even now, when there are no snakes around, they still sail into the air for not reason other than they can!

So welcome to the world of Australian Terriers! You are one oft he lucky ones if you are part of it, but if not, give them a try! They're devoted companions who celebrate with you hen you are happy, console you when you're sad, and make you laugh every day. They're a mix of sage and clown, buttoned down and all business whine it's time to get serious, but the life of the party when the work's done and it's time to play. Get to know these lively little boys and girls and enrich your life.

Julie Seaton
There are puppies available now!!! Please contact me for more details. (June 2024)