Yakutian Laika

What the heck is that?  Yakuts (like Yahoo but with a k and t) are a rare Russian breed from the Yakutian area.  They are bred to live and work closely with their family.  They will pull your sled, herd your reindeer, hunt, and snuggle close to your children.  Yakutians are very fond of their family and form strong bonds.

This is an active breed that requires exercise every day.  They stand 22' at the shoulder and weigh 40-50lbs when full grown.  They have a double coat that require grooming to prevent mats.  All coat colours are acceptable as long as there is more than one!  Eyes can be brown, blue, or both.  The colours and patterns are endlessly amazing and beautiful.

I will be continuing to update my website as I get more photos of my pups.  They have a year to grow and be health tested before I consider a breeding, so there are no litters planned. 

 If you would like more information PLEASE check out the Yakutian Laika information page on the American Kennel Club website.  You will not be disappointed!!
And Yakutian Laikas too!!!
This is defiantly a new adventure for me!  I have never owned a northern breed before.  My experience has been with strong herding dogs; Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepard, and Border Collies; livestock guardian breeds such as Maremma, Turkish Kangal, Great Pyranese and my great love, the Australian Terrier.  I admit my knowledge is largely based on the terriers.  They are feisty, bold, independent little dogs.  The Yakuts (sometimes I call them Russians lol), are SO different!!  The three pups play... together!  They run together.  They run and play with the other dogs.  They like to be together and work together.  It's not a dynamic I have seen in my terriers and it is SO interesting to watch.  I have a lofty goal of harnessing the Yakuts up and having a sled team...  We will see how it goes.

I'm working on getting some nice photos of the pups, but have largely failed.  I will renew my efforts after Christmas.