Yakutian Laika

What the heck is that?  Yakuts ( ya-coot) are a rare Russian breed from the Yakutian area.  They are bred to live and work closely with their family.  They will pull your sled, herd your reindeer, hunt, and snuggle close to your children.  Yakutians are very fond of their family and form strong bonds.

This is an active breed that requires exercise every day.  They stand 22' at the shoulder and weigh 35-45lbs when full grown.  They have a double coat that require grooming to prevent mats.  All coat colours are acceptable as long as there is more than one!  Eyes can be brown, blue, or both.  The colours and patterns are endlessly amazing and beautiful.

Yakutians are easily trained, eager to please their human, loyal, and highly affectionate. They make excellent city dogs for a family that likes to be active.  Throw a ball, have them pull your stroller, bikejor, have a stunning running partner, then take them home to have them lie at your feet.  These are truly lovely dogs.

I will be continuing to update my website as I get more photos of my pups.  They have a year to grow and be health tested before I consider a breeding, so there are no litters planned. 

 If you would like more information PLEASE check out the Yakutian Laika information page on the American Kennel Club website.  You will not be disappointed!!
And Yakutian Laikas too!!!
I have a team!!!  I have the two girls pulling me around on my bike this summer (2021).  Health testing is coming along and a litter is being considered for early 2022.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are considering a pup.

The more I live with this dynamic breed, the more I love them!