Yakutian Laika: What the heck is that?  Yakuts ( ya-coots) are a rare Russian breed from the Yakutian area.  They are bred to live and work closely with their family.  They will pull your sled, herd your reindeer, hunt, and snuggle close to your children.  These dogs are extremely affectionate, biddable, and lively.  They are uncommonly gentle with children and slightly reserved with strangers.  

This is a very versatile breed that is willing to join their family in any activity.  Pull a sled, pull a bike, play ball, go for a walk, participate in agility, or lie quietly at your feet a Yakutian is happy to do it all.  

Yakutians have a double coat which sheds seasonally.  Regular brushing will keep mats down and your dog looking beautiful.  The unique and eye-catching trait is that they come in ALL colours, and have eyes that are blue, brown, or both!

I am very excited to have my first litter!  The dogs will be health tested and ready to go Summer of 2022.  In the mean time I have been busy training my dog team.  What a rush!!  There is nothing more amazing than having a willing partner doing what they love to do.

The more I live with this dynamic breed, the more I find to love about them!

Dove, the colouring book!
River and Pretzel out for a run.